About us
  • Customer's Requirement

    We provide metal parts in wide range according to our customer's requirement

  • 70

    Over 70 Years

    We represent clients that has been in industry for over 70 years with Global manufacturing plants, engineering and research and developments facilities for Ferrous and non-ferrous fastener and assemblies.

  • 25

    25 Years Of Experience

    We have sales representatives that have over 25 years of experience in the fastener Industry globally.

  • Communicate Directly

    We communicate directly with our clients manufacturing plants the facilities to assure that their customer are receiving updated information on new developments and current Fastener

  • Ware house

  • Business partner

  • Executive Director

  • Near Detroit


Since 2003 Immanuel and Associates has been a trusted source for Logistics, engineering and Quality for our Clients in North America. Automotive industry. Our Clients provide standard and special fasteners for the most modern powertrain, braking systems, body assembly, and safety systems applications in the USA Automotive industry.

  • 2005

    Increased OEM Sales 15%
  • 2010

    Successfully increased New customers for our Clients
  • 2015

    Successfully achieved preferential supplier to GM for our Clients
  • 2020

    Double sales Clients

We take our customers special parts(Patent)
straight to the OEM's and Tier Ones to improve the assembly of vehicles