CAE, Computer-aided engineering
Supplier R&D Co-op

Co-op with Sumeeko R&D team

  • TWe modified customer's current design to stronger, easier, much More competitive and Sumeeko two pieces design.
  • Customer used to purchase 3 parts from 3 suppliers, but now, We can manage both parts at once
Aero space parts
New product

Supplier's R&D Co-op
Customer cases

Idler pulley

  • Belt driven start by alternator within 0.3 sec.
  • Boosting to support engine by up to 150 Nm Rotate up to 18,000rpm
  • Estimated radial forces can reach up to 3500N

GM Grounding Stud with Hexagon Feature

  • Target 30% cost savings over the patented octagon shaft design
  • Proprietary hexagon shaft for anti-rotation
  • Adopt the same octagon/ round eyelet
  • Automatic Assembly & Inspection